Keynote/Invited Speakers

Zubair Anwar
Zubair Anwar

Head of Analytics, Consumer support Google, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Keynote abstract
Lack of an analytical culture is often the final hurdle for organizations to fully maximize the potential of their data. Even an organization like Google with its famed data-driven culture cannot avoid this pitfall. We will walk through a few examples that demonstrate how complex analytics and tools are not necessarily better than simple and consumable analytics fortified by a culture where analytics is part of doing business rather than an add-on.

Brief profile
Zubair leads the global analytics team for consumer service operations at Google. His team manages analytics for 40+ products (including Gmail, Search, Maps, Chrome, Play, and Drive) for a range of consumer facing operations: help center, forums, social, and live support. Previously he worked on sales enablement tools and strategic analyses for Google's publishing partners. Before Google he was a consultant at McKinsey and Company advising leading high tech, healthcare, and industrial companies on issues of strategy, technology, operations, and organization. Zubair earned his PhD in Chemical Engineering at MIT.